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Plastic Raw Material keeps rising ( PP PS PE ABS AS) sharply

The price of the plastic raw material  market is rising recently . It is a small increase like USD80-90/ton at the beginning in the past two weeks but this week it shows the increase suddenly comes with USD300-350 .Here is the approx. price we get for some plastic raw materials here in China:

Transparent PP  (Polypropylene)   USD2200/ton   /   RMB14000/ton.

Semi-Transparent PP  (Polypropylene)   USD2000/ton   /   RMB13000/ton.

PS (Polystyrene)  USD1900/ton    / RMB12000/ton.

HDPE (Polyethylene)    USD1900/ton    / RMB12000/ton.

LDPE (Polyethylene)  USD2650/ton    / RMB17000/ton.

ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)   USD2950/ton   / RMB19000/ton 

AS (Acrylonitrile-styrene resin )  USD2500 - 2950/ton    / RMB16000 -  19000/ton.

We just decide to increase the price of all our plastic products from 5% - 8%  today !

All the orders confirmed till now will keep that price,

The order which have not confirmed or the quotation we offered are according to the new price .

posted on 2010-11-15 15:02
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