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When choosing the length of the snowboard, the longest should be no more than the height of the wrist raised on my arm, and the shortest should not be shorter than the crotch. Choose a long embossed snowboard, which is fast to use and has good stability.
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1. Types of snowboards: Before buying snowboards, you must understand that the board will be divided into roughly three types (all-around board, park board, mountain board), which maps several gameplay and terrain of the board (slewing , Jumping platform, U slot, flat fancy, BOX, RAIL, high mountain). The first and most common is called FREESTYLE (Almighty Board). This kind of snowboard is used more in China. The relatively all-rounder has good performance in all aspects. The speed and hardness are medium. The best thing about the all-around board is in the rotation. , Jumping platform, U slot. The second kind is called PARK (park board), this kind of snowboard can let you spend a day in the park comfortably, the general park board has a two-way head (TWIN TIP), the speed is relatively slow, the hardness is the softest, and it is more suitable Yuping Fancy, BOX, RAIL. The third type is called FREERIDE (high mountain board). This kind of board generally has a longer head, wider and thinner, and a shorter tail, narrower and thicker. This kind of snowboard has the fastest speed and the largest hardness.

2. The basic parameters of the snowboard:

(1) Length: The English name of the property is LENGTH. Generally speaking, the longer the veneer is, the more stable it is, suitable for high-speed taxiing, and the shorter the board, the more flexible it is for parks and props. But in which range is the length appropriate? Stand the board up, don't cross your nose at the highest, and don't lower your shoulders at the shortest. Strictly speaking, for general beginners, it is recommended to use your height minus 20cm as appropriate. According to your weight and preferred gameplay, it can float up and down by 3cm. Those with a large weight who prefer to slide can choose to float upwards. People can choose to float down. If you are an audiophile, that one snowboard cannot meet your needs. You need at least two snowboards, respectively, to ski at high speeds such as a large jump platform or mountain that requires speed, and short boards used in parks and props. . The shortest length used for prop movements is appropriate around the shoulders. According to the use of snowboards by foreign PROs, in fact, the relationship between the height of the board and the height is not particularly close, the key is to control your weight, as long as your weight is within the range that the snowboard can withstand, you can experience the board with a short board You can also use the long board to experience speed and stability. This is not necessary to follow the rules, there are 180 players abroad and 152 boards.

(2) Width: There are three types of width, Nose Width (head width), Tail Width (board tail width), and Waist Width (board waist width). Generally, our main concern is Waist Witdth (board waist width). Generally speaking, the board selected according to its height is basically suitable in width, but some players with larger feet may find that the board that is long enough is not wide enough (the standard is to see if there are any fixtures and boots placed according to the customary angle. Too many parts are wider than the board surface, for example, 5 toes are all outside, the board is not wide enough, and it is easy to cause an accident because of the inability to use the board side when sliding. But please note that the boots are slightly wider than the board And the fixture is very normal. If you are a 190cm big man with 45 feet, you want to play BOX, you definitely need a Wide widening board.

(3) Hardness: Hardness is also a key choice when choosing a single board. Generally speaking, the harder the board is, the more stable it is at high speed, which is suitable for maintaining speed. The softer the board is, the easier it is to perform fancy movements during FREESTYLE. You should choose different hardness according to your favorite sliding method. Body weight also plays a big role in choosing different types of hardness. For people of the same height, the heavier one should use the harder board, while the lighter one can choose the softer board. The general veneer companies all indicate the suitable taxiing method and player's weight and other standards on the different products that they launch. Everyone should pay attention to the reference when choosing. Because different companies and different models have different standards. Here to remind everyone: Whether it is a soft board or a hard board, a real good board is pressed delicately on a flat ground. He is delicate and smooth. If it feels rough and dry, it must not be a good board. The board will have different hardness at different positions. If you press a board and feel that the hardness is completely the same from the head to the tail, it means that there is basically no special design for the core structure. The reason is very simple. If you press a plywood, it will have the same effect. 

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