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lock & lock food boxes set of 13pcs NR-2196

The plastic clip lock food containers rarely dominate the market of plastic food container these years. As one of the leading manufacture since 1999 in plastic clip lock food box , our good quality, good price and excellent sealing effect for the food box help us won neverending microwave food container orders from different areas. We also devoted on developing other new microwave food boxes . Many of that food box won the national patent and awards.
Microwaver,refrigerator,dishwasher safe.
Airtightness & waterproof .
Easy to clean .
4 side locks make it strong enough to bear heavy things..

Item NO:                       NR-2196
Description:                  FOOD CONTAINER with locking system (13pcs a set)
Capacity & Size:           9.5L 29.5*22*19cm *1pc 
                                     0.85L 13.5*10.5*11.5cm * 1pc 
                                     0.75L 19.5*12.5*6cm *2pcs 
                                     0.65L 25.5*10.5*5cm *1pc 
                                     0.6L 19.5*12.5*5cm *1pc 
                                     0.45L 13.5*10.5*7cm *1pc 
                                     0.3L 13.5*10.5*5cm *1pc 
                                     0.25L 10.5*5.5cm *1pc 
                                     0.1L 8*4.5cm *4pcs
Material:                        PP & Sillicon
Carton Dimension:        61*47*39CM/8SETS


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