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Plastic Products Team

---Plastic Products maker in China

1.The Production Department
Nice Plastic as professional plastic products maker in China with more than 22 years, we do appreciate our great production team . In the production department, we try our best to follow the professional standard, improve our working efficiency and effect, save the cost and focus on the plastic products quality in every segment. We earned great reputation from our partner by using our professional skills and rich experience.

2.The R&D Department
The R&D Department combine with the need of development , turn a creative idea to be a quality plastic production. Our professional knowledge and inspiration from life, energize Nice Plastic. We always adjusting our plastic products according to the requirements of customers and market. Our professional works and positive attitude make us to be a better and better Chinese plastic product maker in China.

3.the sales department
As a outstanding plastic products maker in China, we have a excellent sales department. Our sales all have rich experience, and know quite well about plastic products.We always keep good communication with clients, seeking for the clients needs and try to work out for these requirements. We always contact with our R&D Department, try to adjust our plastic products with the feedback from customers. Our professional skills and serious attitude make our plastic products to be the popular products in the market.

4.The Packing department
Packing protect plastic production being damaged in storage and transportation .Meanwhile, packing decorate can emphasize the houseware plastic products selling point, make it more beautiful. Packing concerns marketing much more, it's a direct representation of our plastic products. The way of packing and the quality of packaging mean a lot for us as a plastic products maker in China, such as the price, the performance, the sales and so on . Our skillful and numerous workers finish work efficiently.


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