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Plastic Products

Plastic products supplier, professional in various food container, storage box, collecting box, cooler box, pitcher, waste bin, car mat, bath mat and other daily use plastic products in China.Nanrong Ind. & Trading Co., Ltd, as a professional Chinese household plastic products supplier or plasticware supplier, we mainly engaged in plasticware for daily use, like household plastic products of various kinds of food containers, storage box, collecting box, cooler box, waste bins, pitchers, clothes hangers and so on.
Plastic products Clip Lock Food Container
We specialized in manufacturing various plastic products with more than 20years. export to all over the world especially south & north America, Europe , Australia and so on . Clip lock food container or locking food container is one of our mainly business range for plastic products in China , It’s suitable for microwaver, refrigerator, dishwasher safely. And this food containers are also airtight & waterproof, easy to clean. 4 side locks make this food containers be strong enough to bear heavy things.
Plastic products PP+PE Food Container suppliers
We specialized in developing and producing various plastic food container with different function and usage. We are one of the best suppliers in China for plastic products. PP&PE food container can be used in microwaves and freezer;Keep food fresher much longer; Stackable for space saving ,and special designed to be saving , and special designed to be durable.
Plastic products PP+TPR Food container Chinese suppliers
These styles of food container with TPR sealing have revised the limitation of traditional food container which needs to open the lids when you use in microwave. We supply New design of steam release button make your life be simple and convenient. Non pollution material using safe in plasticware and TPR sealing can keep food fresher longer, reach to 100% airtight, waterproof.
Plastic products PP/PS+Silicon Food Container suppliers in China
We specialized in developing and producing various plastic food container and other household plastic products.with different function and usage which win the national patent for some plastic products. With our patent vacuum function can make food fresh for longer time with extra tools. Food grade PP & silicon makes it safe to use Microwave, fridge and dishwasher safe. Good-selling outlook & OEM welcome. Heat Resistent : -20 ℃ — 120℃.
Plastic products Vacuum Food Container supplier in China
Vacuum Food Containers use one-way vacuum valve to force air out without pumps or electricity, its silicon gel seal and locking lids against leakage and block the re-entering of air. It preserves food and flavor longer and fresher, the fresh date dial tells you when food was stored. The material of polypropylene in all our household plastic products is durable, safe and stain-resistant for multi-use like microwave, dishwasher and freezer.
Plastic products Water Pitcher or Water Cup Chinese supplier
We specialized in manufacturing various household plastic products with more than 20 years. Water pitchers are one of our mainly business range, we can offer you different kinds of pitchers and cups with different sizes, materials or shapes. Our own mould workshop enable us to produce the specific plastic products as your requests.
Plastic products Car Mat best suppliers in China
PVC car mat is manufactured from durable and pro-environment PVC material which is the most common in household plastic products .Designed to fit most cars, keep water, snow, dirt and debris from interior. Anti-skid backin.Washable and Easy to Clean. High durability and abrasion resistanc, there are different Color for your choice.
Plastic products Bath Mat best supplier in China
We specialized in developing and producing various pvc bath mat, during the last 20 years , we enhanced the anti-skidding of pvc bath mat since its competition is quite fierce in household plastic products field , the model is fresh and lovely,particular waterproofing quality make it use convenient ,big cupula make it adsorbed on the ground or the bottom of bathtub.
Plastic products Storage Box & Collection Box best Chinese supplier
Collecting box is our new develop series in plasticware field under the heavier and heavier pressure of living space'slimitation.They are made from durable & pro-environment PP material. This collecting boxs can be folded and packed to save freight cost and can be stacked put to save room space. Its must be the first choice in household plastic products.
Plastic products Cooler Box best suppliers in Asia
Cooler box has a lightweight, robust construction and efficient insulation with different color available. This cooler box is a good household plastic products and its ideal is perfect for a family travelling, picnics or a daytrip. It can keep food cold for hours with superior foam insulation, all models are equipped with an ergonomic handles and the safety locking system.
Plastic products Trash Bin best supplier in Asia
Trash bin use the environmental plastic product material、artistic design、innovative thinking made the garbage bin is not only put the rubbish but also beautify the environment. Pedal plastic trash bin sets use advanced pedal opening design with cool out look ,double wall design to make the bin more firm & practical,individual inner bin make the rubbish easy to pour out . It is absolutely a good household plastic products. Artistic trash bins,from its appearance,it is not just a waste bin but a living sculpture,this is lightspot difference from other various trash bin. It is form express function but not form follows function with a philosophical concept. Not only used as Trash bin, but also good at holding magazine, umbrella & other household stuffs,. We can say its beauty is few and incomparable.
Plastic products Plastic Kitchenware Asian best supplier
we specialized in developing and producing various kitchen plastic products with different function and usage, during the last 20 years , we developing household plastic products from lunch box,salad bowl to fruit plate and cake box ,the model is best new and clean,these plasticware is pretty and useful.
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Plastic Products

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