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stackable food container with locks & handle NR-4177

Plastic stackable clip lock food container is one of our new and best seller microwave food box series presently. As one of a famous brand suppliers in clip lock food box field, we won customers from all over the world , this clip lock food box is microwave safe and with clip locks in 4 sides of the clip lock food container . It is also a Multi-purpose convinient sealing food box .
Microwaver,refrigerator,dishwasher safe.
Airtight & waterproof .
Multi-locks in 4 side and stackable with handle ,convinient to carry .
Use indoors & outdoors and for anything and anywhere.

Item NO:                  NR-4177

Description:            Stackable food box with locks

Capacity & Size:      0.8L/ 16.2*16.2*6cm * 4pcs

Material:                  PP in bases & lids ,sillicon in sealing ring

Carton dimension:   66*50*55CM/36SETS

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